laser hair legs personal touch
laser hair legs personal touch

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perosnal touch laser hair
perosnal touch laser hair

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Upper Lip                                 $65

Chin, Sideburns or Neck        $65

Full Face                                 $160

Underarms                            $100

Full Arms                                $200

Lower Arms                           $150

Fingers & Hands                   $100

Regular Bikini                        $100

Brazilian                                 $150

Lower Legs                            $350

Full Legs                                 $550

Belly Button Line                    $50

Unibrow                                   $40

Mens Back or Chest             $350

Spot Treatment             $50 - $85

Eliminate all unwanted hair safely and effectively using Lightsheer Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal requires:

  • No tanning, plucking or waxing for 4 weeks prior to your treatment (shaving allowed).